Bitcentral Launches Central Control


Bitcentral Announces the Launch of Central Control: An Advanced Suite of Master Control and Automation Software Tools

Newport Beach, CA (September 1, 2015): Bitcentral is proud to announce the release of Central Control, a master control, television station automation, and modular broadcast management system that operates locally or remotely to perform a wide range of ingest and playout functions. Central Control is managed by an enterprise class master control and management module that can adapt to the needs of hub and spoke, hybrid or localized media playout environments. With this release, Bitcentral has the capability to provide television and news producing stations across all market sizes a full station solution when combined with Bitcentral’s CORE:news.

This suite of compatible products enable users to import, create, and edit playlists; manage and monitor multiple channels of programming; and perform a host of on-air functions in real time. Realizing that modern master control systems must constantly evolve to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market, Bitcentral engineers designed Central Control to perform a range of highly scalable functions and grow with a station’s needs. “We are moving towards our goal in combining news and master control to help our customers produce their content within a sweet-spot of rich features and capabilities but reduced complexity that cuts operational costs and maximizes their existing resources,” said Fred Fourcher, CEO of Bitcentral.

From its corporate headquarters in Newport Beach, California, Bitcentral supports international offices in Mexico and Argentina. This global purview allows the company to design equipment and applications with universal appeal. “Central Control scales from the smallest to largest markets in the US, and it allows us to effectively enable the most cost conscious markets in Latin America as well,” said Michael Petersen, VP of Product for Bitcentral. “This is the first step in truly converging news and master control, and we know we can fulfill the needs of any market with our product applications.” Bitcentral’s Central Control system is now available for sale both domestically and abroad. Bitcentral backs its systems with 24/7/365 support from a team of skilled and knowledgeable industry professionals located in its Newport Beach, CA headquarters.

Whether you operate in a highly localized, multi-channel environment or demand a streamlined centralized configuration, Bitcentral’s Central Control solution will grow with each broadcast organization and adapt to the ever-evolving needs of a master control operation. For more information on Central Control and Bitcentral’s suite of news products, call 949.253.9000 or email today.