Bitcentral Invests in Enhanced Product Support

Jun 09 2011

Firm Hires Client Care Veteran to Manage Post-Sale Relationships

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – JUNE 6, 2011 – Bitcentral, dedicated to transforming the way TV news is gathered and shared, has hired veteran product implementation, training and customer support executive Lee Roquet to serve as its vice president of client services.

Roquet brings 15 years of customer care best practices to the company. Roquet will report to Gary Coats, Bitcentral’s chief operating officer.

“In his past executive roles, Lee’s leadership consistently resulted in high customer satisfaction ratings and account retention,” said Coats. “As Bitcentral continues to expand its customer base, we will utilize Lee’s expertise and great rapport with customers to ensure that each continuing and new customer gets the one-to-one attention they expect.”

Before joining Bitcentral, Roquet served as vice president of client services at Marketron Broadcast Solutions, an industry leading traffic and billing company.  Roquet’s leadership in the customer care sector is so valued that when a noted enterprise software company was looking for a user-spokesman, it sought a commercial endorsement from Roquet, and featured him prominently across on-air advertising spots.

One of Roquet’s duties will be to work with purchasers of Bitcentral’s most recent product, Bitcentral Create™. This broadcast newsroom workflow extends the story package creation and editing process out to the scene of breaking news, a process implemented with a standard laptop and a high-speed wireless connection.  This workflow is often paired with Bitcentral’s archiving and content sharing solution, Oasis, which enables new production collaboration, whether it is within newsroom teams or among stations in groups.