Bitcentral Completes Integration of Precis™ with All Major National News Providers

Jan 13 2009

Irvine, CA – November 15, 2007 – Bitcentral Inc., a leading provider of news production, archiving and distribution solutions to local television stations, announced that it has completed integration of its premier news production system, Precis, with all major national news services.

This latest acceptance from the broadcast news community is a validation and testament to Bitcentral’s technological vision and ongoing commitment to streamline newsroom workflows to help bring efficiencies to the editorial and production processes used by television stations. The Precis integration allows users seamless access to file based content provided to the station by their national news providers.

“The days of building a play list and playing it out to tape or into an ingest channel are gone forever,” said Fred Fourcher, CEO of Bitcentral. “This is valuable time where resources can be focused on producing a better news product as opposed to simply converting content into a usable format. Precis’s greater production flexibility, platform independence, and ease-of-use dramatically increase content quality and quantity which translates into a better news show.”

Bitcentral and its technology partners now provide the tools which allow users to access news content from anywhere in their newsroom and make use of that content regardless of the format.