NEWS RELEASE: Bitcentral Announces Two Bonten Media Stations Go Live with CORE:news™

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. – Sep. 14, 2016– Today, we announced the successful launch of both Greenville, NC station WCTI and Bristol, VA station WCYB on their news production suites, CORE:news with Wellspring. Bonten Media-owned WCTI and WCYB now have a complete news production, media management, collaboration and archiving solution in CORE:news and deep archive system with Wellspring. WCTI currently produces an average of 40 hours of news per week and WCYB an average of 46.5 hours per week, and both stations are #1 in news in their respective markets.












Bonten Media’s WCTI and WCYB launch with Bitcentral CORE:news with Wellspring archive.

“All the Bonten Media Group stations have Bitcentral news systems,” said Tom Cupp, vice president of engineering for Bonten Media Group. “This is the second generation of Bitcentral News Systems at both WCYB and WCTI. We have found Bitcentral to be very reliable, innovative, and user friendly for our news staff.”

CORE:news is an easy-to-use modular news production platform that combines content discovery, capture, editing, playout, publishing, collaboration, asset management and archiving into a single unified workflow. Bitcentral extends its congratulations and appreciation to the staff of WCTI and WCYB for their partnership throughout the implementation process and looks forward to being a valued partner moving forward.