Unveiling of Bitcentral’s FUEL™ Platform Earns NAB’s 2018 Best in Show Award from TV Technology

Apr 20 2018

Enthusiastic industry response for FUEL’s dynamic Linear on Demand™ personalized streaming channel cloud solution captivates
broadcasters and content creators

Bitcentral’s unveiling of FUEL – its continuous, Linear on Demand (LOD™) cloud-based solution that creates dynamic streaming channels personalized to an individual’s viewing preferences – won high praise from large group broadcasters, single station owners, leading content creators and O&Os. Industry reaction could not have been more positive as engineers, digital experts and newsroom executives saw the multitude of features of the FUEL platform.

Our Best in Show award was based on Bitcentral’s submission of an LOD stream in one end-to-end platform that no other provider had accomplished,” stated Fred Fourcher, founder and CEO. “While other awards were given for individual components, FUEL is the only personalized LOD streaming channel showcased at NAB 2018. We are very grateful and proud of the hard work of so many that got us to this milestone.”

From left to right: Sam Peterson (VP, Product Management),
David Hemingway (Sr. Product Manager, New Ventures),
Camille Jayne (President, Board Director), Fred Fourcher (Founder, CEO)

One group TV executive exclaimed that FUEL was exactly what the industry has been waiting for, and no one else had been able to design anything like Bitcentral’s FUEL. Importantly, FUEL is designed to bring the viewers and revenue back to the content owners and creators, putting the monetization of their content back in their control.

Four stations raised their hands to participate as FUEL beta sites, having been impressed with FUEL’s tools, uniquely designed for ease of use and efficiency in one end-to-end platform.

One NAB session speaker noted that a major feature that no one had yet “cracked” was the ability to personalize digital content to an individual. FUEL has solved what others have not been able to do by seamlessly and dynamically “stitching relevant content together” based on an individual’s viewing history. This results in a continuous and seamless TV-quality “lean back” viewing experience. Additionally, FUEL’s personalized LOD streaming provides the ultimate viewing experience because it offers people the ability to watch a newscast or program from the start whenever they choose to access it, and across all platforms.

Named “FUEL” for the way it powers the delivery of streaming digital content, the modular platform is endlessly scalable because of being in the cloud. FUEL’s empowering tools offer operators a smooth and integrated workflow combined with a server-side streaming engine, alleviating the issue of ad blockers for both local and programmatic ads – thus providing the content owners with more revenue.

Known for efficient workflow solutions and unmatched support for newsrooms that maximize the value of media, it is no surprise that Bitcentral is the first software solutions provider to design an efficient cloud-based solution to monetize online content. Bitcentral’s Core News production systems are in more than half the newsrooms in the U.S.