Recapitulando el evento OTT News Summit 2020 de TVNewsCheck

Oct 08 2020

Recently several Bitcentral leaders had a chance to speak at TVNewsCheck’s 2020 OTT News Summit, covering the emerging strategies news organizations are employing to be successful with OTT and digital streaming. If you didn’t have a chance to join this year’s OTT News Summit, we’ve got you covered with our top takeaways, providing you with the necessary insights to make informed OTT and digital streaming decisions in the future.

The rapidly changing news environment of today now requires broadcasters to invest in solutions and strategies that address network growth, consolidation, OTT and consumer preference changes, workflow gaps, remote contribution, legacy systems, and the growing need for breaking news interruptions. Here’s what else you need to know:

Our top 5 takeaways from TVNewsCheck’s 2020 OTT News Summit

1. As mobile rapidly grows to become the dominant growth channel for distribution, broadcasters have an urgent need to align their operations with the preferences of viewers today. OTT and online video need to be implemented in a way that maximizes viewership and revenue, pulling features and concepts from traditional TV as well as improving upon them through digital measures to create the laid-back TV-like experience viewers have enjoyed for nearly 100 years.

2. The key to audience development comes from immediate feedback, including where the viewers are watching it, and when and where they’re dropping off. Those who monitor over the air signals should now also be monitoring OTT. Leverage those insights from monitoring to help understand what viewers want to see with NextGenTV and future innovations.

3. There are more avenues available to reach viewers, and an increased ability to use data to reach desired audiences across devices and networks. At the same time, the fragmented media ecosystem has led to a need for simplification, streamlining, and the enablement of monetization. Emerging solutions will allow advertisers to better target desired audiences with surgical precision, leading to a new age of TV advertising.

4. More U.S. households today have a connected TV device and watch streaming video than ever before, while the average time spent on those devices is continuing to increase. It’s imperative to focus on the brand and story metadata in order to gain the desired reach. And with investments into OTT early on, you can be well-positioned to capture the new age of viewers in our attention-based economy.

5. With competition increasing and growth challenges, the market is primed for M&A talks and partnerships with companies looking to expand into new markets or differentiate themselves. Organizations need to look at leveraging distribution partnerships and technology to enable their audiences to grow as OTT and digital streaming continue to grow.

As an industry, we must look at what TV does right, and continue to build on that in the digital and connected TV space. It’s important to also note that the election will present many opportunities for OTT growth as it will be more digital and virtual than ever before. This en

Whether you attended TVNewsCheck’s 2020 OTT News Summit or are catching up online, with these insights and the right technology in your corner, you can be well-positioned for OTT and digital video success in 2021.

You can learn more by watching the recorded webcast sessions from Bitcentral leaders like Founder and CEO Fred Fourcher, President Greg Mason, GM for FUEL Greg Morrow, and VP, Product Management Sam Peterson.

  • Creating Frictionless OTT Work Flow with Bitcentral Founder and CEO Fred Fourcher and Executives from CNN, Gray Television, Fox Television Stations, Sinclair Broadcasting Group and Bitcentral.
  • Bitcentral President Greg Mason, Transforming the Business of Online Video:

  • Local OTT News and Discovery Roundtable with Bitcentral VP, Product Management Sam Peterson

  • Optimizing Audience Experience with GM for FUEL Greg Morrow

Need to transform your operations or implement better solutions for broadcast and production? We can help. Learn more about how to overcome the challenges outlined as our top takeaways above through Bitcentral’s efficient media solutions.

This month: Technology executives from Bitcentral, ABC News, NBCUniversal Owned Stations, ABC Owned Television Stations, and Hearst Television will explore how pandemic-necessitated at-home production has overhauled the industry’s thinking at TVNewsCheck’s virtual TV2025 event in October, a part of NAB NY 2020. Register here.