Bitcentral Launches Eagleye™

Apr 13 2012

Bitcentral, Inc. Launches Eagleye, Proactive Monitoring Across Its Solutions.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA – April 16, 2012 – Bitcentral, dedicated to empowering newsrooms to produce more content for more platforms, launches Eagleye, an industry changing Proactive Monitoring tool integrated into all its solutions.

Broadcasters are looking for new ways to increase efficiency, save time and save money. Keeping their systems up and running is a critical element in achieving excellence in news production. Automated Proactive Monitoring is a big step forward in helping maintain a production system and minimize downtime. Less downtime means fewer headaches and bottom line, more news.

Bitcentral responds to Broadcasters needs with Eagleye, a real-time monitoring tool that keeps an eye on all of its delegated servers 24/7/365 to ensure customers stay on air and the Bitcentral solutions stay in good health.

Eagleye monitors system health through its lightweight module, which is installed on each server. Critical system components, software and drivers are all monitored and a small packet of information is returned to the Bitcentral Support Center. Eagleye is integrated into Bitcentral’s suite of solutions seamlessly and works with the system and network architecture that is already in place at a facility.

Eagleye allows Bitcentral to see everything relating to a systems health, yet is highly configurable and unobtrusive, never impacting show production. Its monitoring activities are scheduled and collection at times that fits a news production schedule.

“We built this system hand in hand with our clients so we could offer a service that truly met their needs. Eagleye is designed to be both unobtrusive and efficient. By scheduling the monitoring times in line with news production schedules we can solve problems before they escalate and ensure shows make it to air without issue,” said Lee Roquet, VP Customer Service.