MOS: The Secret to the Widespread Adoption of Newsroom Automation

Feb 02 2018

Color, videotape, teleprompters, satellite news gathering (SNG), drones – these are just a few of the innovations over the past 50 years that have changed TV news broadcasts, enabling stations to produce more informative, more engaging and more timely news coverage.

Of all the innovations, perhaps none is more important – yet invisible to viewers – than newsroom automation systems. These systems have revolutionized news production by linking all key equipment into a seamless workflow so newsroom teams can take full advantage of libraries, character generators, cameras, teleprompters, asset management systems, and more.

As revolutionary as newsroom automation systems are, there were a few initial drawbacks – namely the high cost and need to use an all-in-one solution from a single vendor. Fortunately the introduction of the Media Object Server (MOS) protocol changed all this. MOS allows all the various components in a newsroom automation system to work together seamlessly, whether they were all built by the same company or by multiple vendors.

Rather than a few companies offering expensive, monolithic, all-in-one systems, TV news stations are now blessed with dozens of vendors offering everything from complete systems to individual components. The combination of MOS and a large vendor community enables TV stations to build best-of-breed newsroom automation systems tailored specifically to their individual requirements and budgets.

Furthermore, MOS has allowed many more cost-conscious stations to take advantage of newsroom automation, as they can spread their costs over time using a pay-as-you-go approach, rather than having to deploy a complete solution at launch.

As you can tell, we’re big fans of MOS here at Bitcentral. Our products have always complied with the protocol and we’ve been big proponents of MOS since our founding in 2000. In fact, our support for MOS has been so strong that we were among several companies to be recognized for helping to popularize MOS in the industry.

We’re proud of the work our team has done and we remain committed to the success of our customers and continued progression of the industry. Thanks to all involved at Bitcentral as well as our industry partners.

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