Linear on Demand™ personalized digital streaming brings viewers and revenue back to content owners

Apr 10 2018

Bitcentral announces cloud-based solution in one efficient end to end platform

Newport Beach, Calif. (April 10, 2018) – Bitcentral, Inc., the leading provider of workflow solutions that maximize the value of media, is announcing at NAB its most industry changing product to date: FUEL™.

FUEL is Bitcentral’s new digital platform that powers Linear on Demand™ (LOD™), personalized channels in a cloud-based solution. FUEL seamlessly delivers stories viewers are interested in, delivered when and where they want to consume them, across all platforms. FUEL’s personalized LOD streaming provides the ultimate viewing experience because it offers people the ability to watch a newscast or program from the start whenever they access it, coupled with stories or content personalized to each viewer.

Named “FUEL” for the way it powers the delivery of streaming digital content, the modular platform enables content owners and creators to efficiently monetize their existing media assets through advertising. FUEL’s empowering tools offer operators a smooth and integrated workflow combined with a server-side streaming engine, that together, enable a great viewing experience easily and efficiently.

Since viewers will be able to watch a newscast from the beginning any time they want, personalized to their viewing preferences on their TV, phone, tablet or computer, this will open up new revenue streams,” states Bitcentral founder and CEO Fred Fourcher. “Plus, FUEL will give media companies the right tools, the right products and importantly, the right analytics to better monetize their content and advertising across all platforms. FUEL helps overcome the lack of monetization on YouTube and Facebook by teasing content on social media and monetizing it on a broadcaster-controlled platform,” Fourcher added.

David Hemingway announcing FUEL at NAB

Content is dynamically constructed in real-time using enhanced video metadata to stream content based on the viewer’s geography, demographics, sharing behaviors and user preferences as they consume it. The personalized stream translates into higher levels of engagement, longer viewing, and more advertising impressions – resulting in more revenue staying with the content owners. Non-personalized stream generation is also available.

FUEL’s dynamic streaming integrates with an ad exchange network to insert advertisements server-side to maintain a high-quality viewer experience. The content enhancement tools provide faster than ever clipping, graphics overlay and closed-captioning capabilities. The platform, which is easily scalable for additional media channels and future requirements, is delivered in a SaaS model along with advertising revenue sharing.

“FUEL simplifies and improves the quality of streaming to give viewers the stories and advertising personalized to them, which makes the experience much more relevant and compelling,” noted David Hemingway, Sr. Product Manager in Bitcentral’s New Ventures division.

Announced at NAB, FUEL will come to market 3rd quarter, 2018 in one of the most anticipated product launches for the media technology industry. For more information, visit

About Bitcentral, Inc.:
Founded in 2000, Bitcentral is a software company that provides efficient media workflows and customized solutions to maximize the value of video content. Our Core News™ solution is the No. 1 news production platform in the U.S. reaching millions every day, and our Central Control™ provides a flexible toolset for master control operation with modules to execute all of the processes that converge into playout. More than 1,000 media operations worldwide rely on Bitcentral news production and master control automation software. Bitcentral is based in Newport Beach, Calif., and its Latin American headquarters is in Mexico City.