Bitcentral FUELs BNC’s Digital Experience

Dec 11 2019

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Kenny Elcock, Director of Engineering and Operations BNC December 11, 2019.

TALLAHASSE, Fla — As we established the foundational tools for Black News Channel (BNC), it was critical for our team to find a solution tailored to our workforce to effectively manage the workload and overall workflow of this new network. Over the years, I came to understand that many have not figured out how to properly monetize their websites and create a stable income through their content. As such, I aspired to do something different than our colleagues and competitors in the market to ensure profitability and operational success.

The author (L) and Nathan Russell, chief engineer at Black News Channel, use FUEL to help boost the network’s OTT presence.

Since we are launching as a new network we have the advantage of exploring new products, rather than rely on legacy workflow management tools implemented years ago. We could set the pace to identify tools made to maximize our workflow and lead to a better end product with every broadcast we produced, whether on cable, online or OTT. We needed a simple, functional and executable process that met our ultimate goal as a business of driving revenue. Why complicate matters with a workflow that doesn’t make sense for the business model?


We settled on Bitcentral’s FUEL, a digital streaming and monetization platform that would provide an incredible experience to our viewers while also generating revenue.

We already planned to use Bitcentral’s Core News for live news production and Central Control for master control. FUEL stood out as a newer product, having launched in August 2018, with options to streamline our digital operations. FUEL would give us access to a seamless interface and integration from creation to execution to implementation, with a continuous flow from Central Control to digital.


FUEL enhances content on digital platforms—for us this includes our website, social media channels and other OTT platforms. FUEL allows us to create something different, with a plan to direct people to our website for content, dictating how we would execute and pursue our commercial content structure.

FUEL advances exposure through OTT and other digital platforms from day one. The integration of FUEL with other traditional workflow management products gives the flexibility and opportunity to reach extra eyeballs on multiple platforms. Instead of a limited audience or a particular type of viewer, our reach extends to different technologies, apps and devices.

We access the same playing field as some of the more established networks out there and are competitive as a result.

FUEL has proven to be a big success. After implementing the platform, hours viewed, session length and ad impressions all increased significantly. Viewers access content in a seamless stream, with the ability to start watching whenever and wherever, controlling the content they’re watching with ease. Our producers and master control operators have complete control, and the ability to deploy content and ad inventory quickly and simply.

In my role at BNC, I consider myself a risk manager, minimizing our financial risks while maximizing operations and workflow. It’s critical to understand what functions well and what fits the business model. FUEL isn’t rocket science; it makes complete sense. FUEL is foundational to our success as we create an ecosystem and technical environment to maintain growth and flexibility, and prepare for the future.

Kenny Elcock is the director of engineering & operations for Black News Channel (BNC), the nation’s only African American news network dedicated to covering the unique perspective of African American communities. In his role, Elcock designs and integrates network systems to deliver quality programming and enhance viewer experience. Learn more at

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