Core News’ New Connected Camera Workflow Cures Headaches Before They Start

Core News’ New Connected Camera Workflow Cures Headaches Before They Start

We’ve just enhanced our Core News news production suite with exciting new features and functionality that give newsrooms added capabilities and address some common headaches.

By enhancing the Create™ ingest and editing utility in Core News, we’ve addressed a known pain point by creating a new connected camera workflow.

The remote upload-capable cameras offered by JVC, Panasonic and Sony have been a tremendous boon to news stations. Their ability to wirelessly upload files has enabled stations to cover remote and breaking news events like never before. However, there have been a few drawbacks.

Here’s a familiar scenario.

It’s 4 p.m. and your top reporter and camera operator have just covered a major news event an hour away from the station. They rave that this is a major story and the producers immediately decide to lead the 5 p.m. broadcast with the news and to air a tease ASAP in advance.

All that’s needed are theNew Connected Camera Workflow Cures Headaches Before They Start video files, which are already being ingested and stored in the newsroom’s FTP site as the reporter and camera operator race back.

This is when the headache begins.

Though the files arrived flawlessly, they are stored along with all the other files uploaded to the site during the day. The newsroom editing team has to identify the precise files to edit – and they have to do it quickly! The news starts at 5 p.m. on the dot and you know the competing stations in your market will lead with the story – running it after the first commercial break won’t cut it. Needing to find important files in a short time on a tight deadline occurs all too often in the newsroom and we’ve developed our new connected camera workflow to stop this headache before it starts.

Rather than storing all camera files in a single “bucket” as they’re uploaded to the FTP site, the upload methodology of our connected camera workflow stores each camera’s files in its own subfolder, all of which are then displayed in Oasis™, the newsroom’s asset management system. This creates an organizational hierarchy so newsroom staff can easily and quickly find specific assets from a particular shoot. Stations can further organize the files by the day of the week they were uploaded, which allows them to more precisely target their searches.

Another advantage of our Connected Camera Workflowis that our approach also preserves location information and other important meta data that’s typically lost when uploading a single file at a time.

We’re really pleased with the connected camera workflow, and we will be bringing you more efficiency-enhancing capabilities with Core News and other Bitcentral solutions. Stay tuned!

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