The Streaming Toolbox: FILMIC Pro, Bitcentral FUEL, Touchstream VirtualNOC

Dec 18 2020
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December 17, 2020
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The new work environment has changed a lot of things and we have three products which can offer some much-needed remote control. Bitcentral shows off FUEL for coordinating advertising with news content (hint: no pre-rolls are involved).

Bitcentral created FUEL, a video platform to simplify the workflow for getting broadcast content online and configured with digital ads. The company found there were almost 30% more ad views on content streamed with ad pods within content as opposed to pre-roll. “We’re taking that live feed that’s going on to television and we’re able to stream that out on all the digital platforms and do server-side ad insertion to replace the ads that were in the original broadcast and insert digital ads,” says senior product manager David Hemingway.

There is no playlist management; rather, the system builds dynamic channels. The customers need to get content into the system and make sure the right metadata is associated so they can build these dynamic channels. When content comes into the platform, it is assigned to client-defined categories and custom tags, and the content builds channels based on these tags. “We’re taking pieces that are separate and stitching that together, so it looks like television and will continue to play and insert ads into this continuous linear stream,” says Hemingway.

Bitcentral has the ability to create ad pods at whenever interval a publisher wants, and claims this can generate more ad avails per hour of consumption than a pre-roll (A/B and third party publishing tests saw a 29% drop off with pre-roll).

FUEL features a clipping tool that uses IBM Watson to create a full-text video transcript. “It provides the ability for a non-editor professional editor to come in and do a really effective, efficient job to be able to get content clip from source content and get it out the door,” Hemingway says.

FUEL can create both live and on-demand channels. The non-stop live feature provides easy access to either live or catch-up viewing.”If you’re 15 minutes late for the newscast, why should you be penalized from seeing the top stories that are always at the beginning of the newscast?” says Hemingway. FUEL can insert live programming into on-demand content, prioritize showing unwatched content, and has the ability to set embargo and expiration dates to coordinate when rights expire.

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Bicentral’s FUEL builds dynamic channels using server-side ad insertion.

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