Bitcentral Integrates CORE:news™ With NetApp Software and Solutions

Bitcentral Integrates CORE:news™ With NetApp Software and Solutions

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — March 30, 2015 — Bitcentral, a leading provider of tools for media content creation, management, and distribution, announced today that CORE:news™ is now being integrated with NetApp software and solutions. This integration will provide Bitcentral’s CORE:news customers an easy-to-install, enterprise-class storage solution that can be scaled to match the different needs of broadcasters.



“Our partnership with NetApp is another proof point in our long standing strategy to provide customers the opportunity to choose the best solutions for all aspects of their workflow,” said Rick Young, vice president and general manager of sales and business development for Bitcentral. “We welcome the chance to tell our customers that we certify our solutions with partners like NetApp. The NetApp FAS8000 unified scale-out storage solution is now fast enough to support the concurrent workflows that are common in news production. And NetApp clustered Data ONTAP, the storage operating system running inside FAS, provides nondisruptive operation, which means the news infrastructure is ‘always on’ even during major upgrades and data migrations.”

CORE:news software enables broadcast newsrooms to put a newscast on the air, managing the entire workflow from ingest to editing to playout and beyond. In this integration, the NetApp solution is the centralized storage that sits in the center of the production workflow — a workflow that by its nature demands the highest level of video throughput and reliability. Editors, journalists, and producers can tap into the NetApp FAS 8000 via the Bitcentral unified production platform to share and collaborate, with enough bandwidth to work simultaneously on different tasks.

A major U.S. television broadcast group is using the CORE:news/NetApp FAS combination to do just that and benefitting from five nines uptime, always-on operation, and enterprise-class product support.

“Together Bitcentral and NetApp are providing customers with the ability to choose the right solutions for bandwidth-intensive news production workflows,” said Jason Danielson, media and entertainment solution marketing manager at NetApp. “We are looking forward to continuing the relationship with Bitcentral and providing a complete software solution to this critical market.”